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Name Sixhills
CTT Code A10/1 Distance 10 Miles Map A10/1

Name Sixhills
CTT Code A10/11 Distance 10 Miles Map A10/11

Name Long Bennington-Grantham
CTT Code A10/14a Distance 10 Miles Map A10/14a

Name Griffydam-Long Whatton-Diseworth
CTT Code A10/17 Distance 10 Miles Map A10/17

Name Etwall-Foston
CTT Code A10/19 Distance 10 Miles Map A10/19

Name Tuxford
CTT Code A10/20 Distance 10 Miles Map A10/20

Name Sutton on Trent - Tuxford - Carlton on Trent
CTT Code A10/21 Distance 10 Miles Map A10/21

Name A6 Leicester - Loughborough
CTT Code A10/3 Distance 10 Miles Map A10/3

CTT Code A10\2 Distance 10 Miles Map A10\2

Name Etwall
CTT Code A100/4 Distance 100 Miles Map A100/4

Name Etwall
CTT Code A25/11 Distance 25 Miles Map A25/11

CTT Code A25/11 Distance 25 Miles Map A25/11

Name Griffydam
CTT Code A25/16 Distance 25 Miles Map A25/16

Name A25/2
CTT Code A25/2 Distance 25 Miles Map A25/2

Name Six Hills
CTT Code A25/20 Distance 25 Miles Map A25/20

CTT Code A25/25 Distance 25 Miles Map A25/25

Name Long Bennington
CTT Code A25/4 Distance 25 Miles Map A25/4

CTT Code A50/25 Distance 50 Miles Map A50/25

CTT Code A50/3 Distance 50 Miles Map A50/3

CTT Code A50/6 Distance 50 Miles Map A50/6

Name Leicestershire Hilly
CTT Code AH/10 Distance 29 Miles Map AH/10

CTT Code AS/3 Distance 26 Miles Map AS/3

Name AS/6 Revised
CTT Code AS/6 Distance 29.237 Miles Map AS/6

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