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Sunday Club Runs

Beginners / Returners / Social Group

We have re-started the beginners rides on Sunday mornings.
Approx 25-30 miles and a steady pace ( less than 15mph )

Meet by the band stand in Argents Mead, Hinckley at 8:30 am
( same as the main club run )


Contact Kevin, Guy or Tim for more details, or check the Facebook page.

 Club Runs

Regular clubs runs are now running every Sunday morning from Hinckley town centre.

Riders meet by the band stand in Argents Mead, Hinckley at 8:30am

There are usually several groups going out, all with different abilities, with different speeds and distances.

Everybody welcome - no one gets left behind.

Please check the Facebook page for details


"I've never been on a club run - what's it like ?"
A Club Run is a social group ride, usually involving a stop at a cafe for coffee and cake.
Some people will treat it as part of their training, but for most this is just an excuse to get out and ride with friends.

"How far? How Fast?"
This is always a question that worries new riders,
but ultimately we will tailor the distance and pace to suit whoever is there on the day.
Established riders will be looking for 40-50 miles at 15mph,
but if we run a beginner's ride, we would expect it to be 25+ miles at less than 15mph, with a coffee-stop half way.
There are usually several groups going out, so be 100% honest with yourself and make sure you join the appropriate one.

If you can't manage that, don't worry - we all have to start somewhere !
Just pop a message on the Facebook page, or contact Kevin Draper or Guy Mellor for a chat.
Also keep an eye on the British Cycling Sky-Rides and Women's Breeze rides that are often shorter and easier.
We will try to help you as much as we can, but please remember we have to find a balance between
helping new riders and spending days riding at our own pace.


"What do I need to take ?"
A bike : Most people will be on road bikes.It doesn't have to be anything special as long as it is road worthy
It is your choice, but we would like to see everybody wearing a helmet.
Tools: There is safety in numbers, and if you have a problem
there is usually someone in the group that has the right spanner or allen-key,
but we would advise everybody to at least have the basics to repair a puncture and minor mechanical failure.
Usually a good idea to take some money: for emergencies and to buy coffee and cake.
A drink and something to eat is always a good idea ( energy bar, gel, etc)


Our friends over at Leicester Forest CC have a nice page on Club Run Etiquette

Also keep an eye on the British Cycling Rides and Women's Breeze rides


The Sunday club runroutes are not set in stone; we will adjust and adapt depending on who is there.

( More Routes on HCRC's Ride With GPS Page )

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