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Example Calculation:


As I am obviously not very good at explaining how this is calculated,
here is an example, using my results from Round 9 (June 3rd 2008)


My fastest rides used in the 5-Star on that day were 29:26, 28:13, 28:25, 28:00 and 27:04.
giving a 5-Star average of 28:14

The "Scratch" time I have used in the calculations is 20 minutes, so subtract 20 minutes from your 5-Star average.
"Handicap Allowance" = 5-star average - 20minutes
28:14 - 20:00

That night I rode a 26:40 (a new PB)
Handicap time = Actual Time - Handicap Allowance
= 26:40 - 8:14
Handicap time = 18:26


The following week, my 5-star average include this new PB, will come down to 27:40
This will update the Handicap Allowance, which will reduce down to 7:40.

Just to confirm, there is no subjective handicapping.
i.e. I don't choose your handicap, the computer just calculates it from the 5-star averages.
So unless I have entered the main results incorrectlly, the handicap results should be correct.


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